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about mussa tampers

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Mussa Tampers is home barista and accessories international brand. We deal with the construction of custom handcrafted coffee accessories such as coffee tampers or spare parts for espresso machines (professional or domestic).

 In Greek “Mussa” means source of inspiration and refers to the necessary verve that someone needs to be inspired.

Our motto is 
“Quality over quantity”

Our goal is to align items with core character traits and values of our customers and facilitate individual experience.

We appeal to any food and coffee-service establishments as well as individuals, professional or otherwise, who exercise the art or coffee or who share our passion.



The main material we use is wood.
We have created a wide range of Greek woods as well as many others
from different parts of the globe which have been tested for their durability and we have classified them into three categories using different criteria (rarity, finishing rate, color uniqueness, etc.).

Having wood as the basic material and motivated by the ancient Greek tradition, we undertake to provide a unique character for your order, customized to your individual wishes. We ensure you that our construction materials are of superior quality and great durability, so they can be used for years to come. As a company we pay special attention to the exterior of every product we create as well as to its ergonomic design.

All of our products are manufactured strictly one-on-one and not massively in an industrialized way. In this way each of our customers can confidently say that he holds in his hands a truly unique tool that does not exist anywhere in the world.


Ebony is a black, heavy wood of high density. It is mainly found in South India, Africa, and Sri Lanka…


Walnut appears in various colors from gray, dark brown to light brown. It displays a variety of natural grains…


The olive tree is a special wood with a knotted trunk with a surface full of natural grains and various patterns…


Oak wood is a strong wood with a prominent grain. Its durability and natural beauty make it very popular…

Our team

We craft your tools with passion and love.

Olga & Stathis
Olga & Stathis