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LaPavoni custom set (wood: Greek olivewood)


A full set consists of

1) Boiler knob with stainless steel adaptor
2) Steam knob
3) Portafilter handle
4) Lever handle
5) Optional: tamper with stainless steel base (Available diameters : 49.0, 49.5, 51.0, 51.5 mm)

Choose carefully the screw for your portafilter’s handle!
*You can choose the shape for your tamper, if you need one!!!


The olive tree is a special wood with a knotted trunk with a surface full of natural grains and various patterns. This impressive type of wood is very common in Greece, and in ancient Greek mythology, it was even considered to be the symbol of the goddess Athena. Olivewood is distinguished from other types of wood both by its durability and its quality to last for centuries. It is recommended for when you want to add a timeless and highly impressive character to your tamper and your espresso machine.

The product is totally handcrafted and made to order.

Thank you for visiting my shop!

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Screw thread diameter:

M10, M12


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