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Mussa precision leveler


High precision leveler tool made by Mussa Tampers. The leveler is essential for every coffee bar. It will minimize channeling and help you achieve better extraction and taste in your coffee.

The leveler tool is made of stainless steel (base), anodized aluminum (body), and a wooden cap. You can adjust the depth of the leveler to your needs. Please choose the wood you prefer between olivewood, oak, ebony and walnut.

The diameter of the leveler is 58.4mm and its weight is 580 gr. It is designed to work with most portafilters and espresso machine models including ECM, Rocket, Bezzera, La Marzocco and all E61 group machines.

Why 58.4?

After much research on this topic, it’s been tested that with a 58.4mm diameter, we ensure that coffee is spread evenly across the basket’s surface, which is very important for excellent extraction. In this way, your coffee puck will be solid, firm, dry, and will come off the portafilter easily. Of course other factors like proper dosing for your basket and tamp pressure should be considered.

The leveler comes in high-quality packaging.

***Ideal gift for coffee lovers and home barista enthusiasts.***

Additional information

Weight 580 g

Ebony, Olivewood, Walnut


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