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Rocket espresso olivewood set

199,00 329,00 

This set will upgrade your favorite espresso machine and make your everyday coffee routine exceptional.

All components are totally handcrafted by us here in Greece.

Compatible to: Appartamento, Mozzafiato, R58, Giotto, R60v

Very easy installation.
All of our customers will receive a video with instructions on how to install the wood accent kit.


——————-  KIT INCLUDES  ————————

  • 1 * portafilter handle (Mussa style)
  • 2 * knobs (hot water and steam)
  • 1 * brewing lever knob



  • Artemis precision tamper 58.4 mm (with stainless steel base)
  • Mussa precision leveler 58.4mm**


————  GREEK OLIVEWOOD  ————–
The olive is a special hardwood with a surface full of natural grains and various patterns.
This impressive type of wood is very common in Greece.
In ancient Greek mythology, it was the symbol of the goddess Athena.
Olivewood is distinguished from other types of wood both by its durability and its quality to last for centuries.
It is recommended when you want to add a timeless and highly impressive character to your espresso machine.


***The machine is not included but only the wooden parts.***
***Please note that this set is made out of natural wood and that there will be variation in color and woodgrain between different samples***

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, we will reply to you as soon as possible.




Additional information

Mussa precision leveler

No, thank you!, Yes, please!

Artemis precision tamper

No, thank you, Yes, please!


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